Tyler Michael Holbrook wins Monday Night Madness Season 2 Championship!... Tony Ayers Wins ARCA Season 1 Championship....



Balding Bandits is an Iracing league started by a small group of friends to have some fun on the virtual track. This group has all sorts of backgrounds in real world and sim racing, from real world short track racers, dirt track Kart racers, road racers, and some members that have never driven anything faster than a laptop. We are focused mostly on stock cars running ovals, but we like to run dirt tracks and road races on occasion. If you want to come race with us head on over to the application, or check the series page to see what our current schedule is. If you have any questions or want to say hi, send us a comment below.


We had a pretty slow off week, we only had 4 cars in the figure 8 on Monday night and then only 9 show up for the Wednesday heat testing, which ended up being a bit of a crap shoot. I think the heat format will work with a few tweaks so we will try it again during the season.


Next week we start our new seasons of both Monday Night Madness and the ACRA series.


Monday it’s the Charles e Hartzell 100 at the Charlotte Legends oval in the Street Stocks, that race is one that Chad has been wanting to do for awhile so we are going to try it out.  I’ll be out of town so the He’ll be in charge of admin duties in that one. Race starts at 9:00 PM eastern with 20 minutes of open qualifying.


Wednesday its back to the Arca cars at Michigan (2009), this will be the first race with the new rule set, event starts at 8:45 PM eastern with 30 minutes of practice, the series page has all the new rules and details.


I have been meaning to update the League rules page but I haven’t been able to get into it yet, the rules are going to be mostly the same but we are going to put the Incident point system up there are get away from the “probation and incident review” aspect, those incident reviews will still happen sometimes especially if we need to point out something, but they are a lot more work than you think and I would rather not have to interrupt who causes what.


Now that the new seasons are starting, I am going to stop outside recruitment for now, we have 21 members currently, if we are able to get fields close to 18, I will be happy. I don’t think we want to add any new members while we are mid-season.


We have had a lot of back and forth with discussing the admin duties and me not racing. And some of you have reached out in private about it, so I’m going to put this out here.  All of the Wednesday ARCA races are preconfigured, they have cautions on and we know the system isn’t perfect but we have to live with it. I personally don’t want things to feel unfair for me to throw a caution that might benefit me, or clear a black flag that may or may not be legit.  So, if I am to race in these races with the group, we have to treat them like official races, where none of us have any power.  That is the only way I will come back to racing in an of the points events.

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