Tyler Michael Holbrook wins Monday Night Madness Season 2 Championship!... Tony Ayers Wins ARCA Season 1 Championship....



Balding Bandits is an Iracing league started by a small group of friends to have some fun on the virtual track. This group has all sorts of backgrounds in real world and sim racing, from real world short track racers, dirt track Kart racers, road racers, and some members that have never driven anything faster than a laptop. We are focused mostly on stock cars running ovals, but we like to run dirt tracks and road races on occasion. If you want to come race with us head on over to the application, or check the series page to see what our current schedule is. If you have any questions or want to say hi, send us a comment below.


Season Review

We’ve finished another season and it was mostly a success, I say mostly because we did have a few hiccups alone the way. With that being said I feel like we are doing a pretty good job of getting this all figured out.  We have seen over the last few weeks the number of incidents in each race coming down, except for the big one at Pocono…  I am going to continue to run as the race admin going forward, at least for the points races.  We have had a few new members join up as well and I think we are all looking forward to running bigger races in this upcoming season.


Next Season

I have the schedule for next season posted to the website for both ARCA and Monday Nights, you can see it on the series page. The rules and settings for each series are summarized there. There are 12 points races, with the 10-best counting towards your championship points.  There are also 3 non points fun races, the first of which will be next week.  I am updating the rules page again to reflect the new incident points system, we are going to start tracking incidents per lap as well.  We will use this to determine what if anything needs done about members who are constantly causing issues.  Even though I am going to run the races as admin only, the rules are not changing regarding cautions and black flags.  Admin will not clear black flags unless there is a very good reason, and that is at the discretion of the Admin. Cautions will be system only as well, I WILL NOT throw a caution while I’m driving, and no other admin should either.  No Driver will cause a caution on purpose either without consequences.  The system only cautions aren’t perfect but it’s the best we have, so we need to live with it. Unless we want to run with no cautions at all, and I don’t think any of us want to do that. The solution is to run clean and there will be no need for cautions.


League Meeting

Next week Wednesday the 4th we are having our off week short track heat racing test/league meeting.  Please consider attending, even if you don’t plan on racing.  This will be a quick review of everything in this posting, and give me a chance to answer questions. Then we will be having a test of our heat racing format for short tracks in the arca car, the event will start at 8:30 and I plan doing the meeting right at 8:45 to give people a chance to get in.  it will be during the practice session.


Mailing List 

Starting next week, I will only be posting updates on the website, there will not be any more mass PM’s or emails from Iracing.  It’s getting to be to many places to try to keep up with, I have however started a mailing list, if you want updates like this going forward you will need to sign up on the mailing list on the website.  Another benefit of the mailing list is the pre-race reports, where I will post info about the upcoming races, such as expected tire wear, fuel windows, and any other info that might help a driver. I hope to start doing this for every ARCA race, starting next season. The last perk of the mailing list is that I will send out emails asking for feedback from time to time, if you are on the mailing list you will be able to give your feedback and help guide the direction of the league. Please consider signing up, this will be the primary way to get news, unless you plan of checking the balding bandits main page regularly.

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